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Rules for Black Jack or "21"

King, Queen, and Jack count as 10:  Ace counts 11 or 1, player choice; all of the other cards are as marked.....
EXAMPLE: (7 counts 7).  

•  Object:  Cards to total “21” or as close to “21” as possible, never going over “21” or you are “Busted”. Each
individual player plays against the Dealer, not against each other.  All of the Players can beat the Dealer and
wins on his individual bet by getting closer to 21 than the Dealer.

•  The Game:  An ace and a ten equals  BLACKJACK – Player wins 1½ of his bet.  If the Player and the Dealer
both get “21” it is a STANDOFF – Player does not win nor does he lose his bet.  The Dealer and all Players start
with two cards each.  The dealer has one card face up, and one card face down.  Players' cards are dealt face
down.  After the Player views his  cards, he must decide whether to take additional cards or to “Stand” (taking no
additional cards).  Any additional cards are dealt face up.  The Player may take as many cards as he wishes until
he hits “21” or goes over “21”.  If the Player goes over “21”, he is “BUSTED” - he loses his bet.  The Dealer then
plays.  If he has a total of 16 or less, he must take a card until he reaches 17 or over. After reaching 17 or greater
he cannot take additional cards.  

•  Winner:  The one who hits “21” or comes closest to “21” without going over “21”.

•  Note:  There are additional betting strategies related to Black Jack. For information read any number of books
written on the game.
Black Jack Rules