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Rules for Craps    

•  PLAYERS:   Any number can play, the player throwing the dice is called the SHOOTER. The dice are passed around the
circle of players to the left.

•  THE GAME:   The shooter throws the dice and adds together the two numbers that face upward.  If the numbers equal 7
or 11,  it is called a NATURAL and he wins the bet.  If the numbers equal  2, 3, or 12  it is called CRAPS and he loses his
bet.  If the shooter throws a 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 it becomes the Shooter's  point and  the Shooter continues  rolling the dice.
The  Shooter  wins if  his point appears again before he rolls a 7, but he will lose if a 7 appears first.

How to Place Bets

 Pass Line: Described above.

•  Don't Pass Line:  Reversal of Pass Line. Shooter loses if 7 or 11 on first roll; wins on 2 or 3; on 12 nobody wins. Other
players are betting that Shooter is going to lose; that Shooter will roll a 7 before he rolls his point.

•  Come Bet: Any number that comes up after the initial point is called the "Come Point." You win if the come point is made
before a 7 is rolled.

•  Don't Come:  Lose on a natural 7 or 11, win on Craps, 2 or 3, standoff on 12. Also lose if Come Point is made before 7 is

•  Odds: Once  Shooter establishes a point you can take the Odds and win additional money, if the point or come point is
made before a 7 is thrown. Numbers 10 and 4 pay 2 to 1, numbers 5, 7 and 9 pay 3 to 2, and numbers 8 and 6 pay 6 to 5.
When you bet on “Don't Come” the Odds on these numbers are the same.

•  Place Bets: Once the Shooter makes a point you can make a place Bet on number 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. Win if any of these
numbers are thrown before a 7. Numbers 4 and 10 pays 9 to 5, numbers 5 and 9 pays 7 to 5 and numbers 8 and 6 pays
7 to 6.

•  Field Bets: One roll bet. Win even money on 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11, 2 to 1 money on 2 or 12. Lose on 5, 6,7or 8.

•  Big 6 or 8: Players win even money if Shooter throws a 6 or 8 before a 7.

•  Proposition Bets: These are bets on the first roll. A bet on 2, 3 or 12 pays 8 to 1; number 7 pays 5 to 1, 11 pays 15 to 1. A
bet on the hard numbers pay according to stated odds so long as the hard number is thrown before a 7.

•  Note :
There are additional betting strategies related to Craps. For additional information read any number of books written
on the game.
Rules for Craps